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Hey, what up. So I haven't posted in forever, but here's some news. New Moon came out. Eclipse come's out on June 30th. Stephenie Meyer's publishing a new book called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. This is about Bree the vampire newborn who gave in at the end of the fight in Eclipse. This comes out on June 5th, but it will be online free from June 7th to July 5th. Bree Tanner in Eclipse is played by Jodelle Ferland. Some people thought she would be a good Jane, but who knows. Oh well.
That's all for now, sorry it's kind of a lot of info

Hey sorry i haven't posted for a while I've been really busy. So I'm gonna cover two things this time. First I just wanted to talk about the MTV Awards. I mean come on they were awesome. Twilight won like half of them plu we got to see the first ever New Moon Trailer which I'll tattaly talk about later. Here's the list, they won, Best Movie, Best Female Performance (Kristen Stewart), Breakthrough Performance Male (Robert Pattinson), Best Kiss (Robert Pattinson and Krsten Stewart), and Best Fight (Robert Pattinson vs. Cam Gigandet. But seriously Kristenis Bella I mean dropping the award on stage is so Bella (I think she was showing how she won her award just like best kiss(without the kiss)). So it was awesome and I can't wait till next years awards because New Moon will be in them and hopefully Taylor Lautner will win some ('kay no offense to Team Edward/Robert but Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black totally should have won Breakthrough Performance Male again no offense.)

Now for that trailer I only got two words Freakin Awesome. I was kinda worried about Chris Wietz because I didn't necessarily like Golden Compass. But now that I've seen the trailer if it's even half as good I'll be happy but hopefully it's twice as good not half. 
For now bye ttyl
Roseyasmin (HATE THAT FRICKIN' NAME) bye 

Hey what up it's Roseyasmin (and I'm not even going to say anything about the name) so if you go to twilight-online.com you can get an account and they will tell you stuff about casting. I'm not sure exactly what and who they're looking for, but I'm pretty sure they're looking for more tribe members. Also they're mostly excepting actual Native Americans. So that's pretty cool. So if you're an actor you can try this or if you just love Twilight (like me).
C u l8r 4 now

Hey people it's me Roseyasmin (hate this name) so just some news is that New Moon comes out on November 20th. I know your excited i mean come on it's New Moon. If any of you guys want more news you should visit twlightseriestheories.com a great site with great podcasts.
Until I find more news
P.S. If you're wondering where the cast is right now they're in Vancouver, Canada

Hey what up people it's your girl Roseyasmin (stupid name I get it) so Twilight:The Directors Notebook just came out yesterday and I know you guys are excited. I also know that you guys are psyched for the movie in 3 days. Until See you later.
P.S. Pre-order or reserve your special edition you'll be glad you did.
Hey it's me Roseyasmin (again I know it's a stupid name). So Twilight:The Directors notebook is coming out on March 17th. Hello is anyone else excited. I mean it comes out right before the movie does and we get more pictures of the cast. So this directors notebook is supposed to be pretty much what it says a notebook where Catherine Hardwicke kept notes and journaled. From what people say the notebook will also have things about stunts and scenes that nobody knows about. Until then.
So Summit is pretty sure that they are doing Eclipse and they might be doing Breaking Dawn (they better). The only thing is that they say Eclipse is going to come out in 2012 and Breaking Dawn in 2014. That is seriously to long. That means we wont even have the whole series for hakf a decade. I mean come on. That is way to long. RIDICULOUS!!! Summit needs to have them out earlier or they might lose some of their audience. So lets hope it comes out earlier.
So anybody who's reading this should know that I am so in love with Taylor Lautner. I was so ecstatic when Taylor was confirmed to play Jacob Black in New Mon (thank you Chris Weitz). Taylor Lautner so far has gained more then 30 pounds in muscle. He is so sexy. Sorry Edward and Rib fans. I am so looking forward for March (month New Moon camera shooting begins) and November (estimated guess of release of New Moon).

Hey twilight fans it's Roseyasmin (and yeah I know it's a stupid name) so i was on a site and variety says that nobody's trying out for Leah Clearwater's role because she isn't in the script. That is really ridiculous and stupid because I personally love her character and I am so pissed that she isn't in the script. Hopefully it still turns out fine.

Hey I am a total Twi-hard, twilighter whatever you want to call it I'm team switzerland but a little more Jacob mostly because i I love Taylor Lautner (oh yeah I've seen Twilight 6 times [and thats before thanksgiving.]) Anyway this site is real news not fake crap. I will find things that are happening in the twilight world and post it here for your pleasure.

Hey if any of you guys are looking for a book to read here's some books I've read that I loved.